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The stratigraphic framework of the southwestern Nevada volcanic field (SWNVF) is encoded as an integral part of the data base.

Tables are available that assign stratigraphic unit (strat_int), lithology (lith_int), and alteration (alt_int) within successive depth intervals in wells throughout the SWNVF. Assignments for these "geologic intervals" are supported by citations within database table geol_int_ref. Wells are included from the Pahute Mesa, Yucca Mountain, Yucca Flat, and other areas.

Table strat_list defines symbols for stratigraphic units of the southwestern Nevada volcanic field, and also includes terms to represent stratigraphic constraints, such as unknown and unconstrained. Table strat provides model ages, and names and symbols for previous definitions of stratigraphic units, as well as columns useful for listing stratigraphic units ordered by several conventions.

Stratigraphic units are grouped into assemblages that represent chemically, petrographically, and temporally coherent magmatic pulses.


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