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Mineralogical analyses include bulk sample analyses by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and analyses of individual grains within thin sections, which include chemical analyses by electron microprobe and size and textural petrographic analyses. Database table xrd_measure provides XRD analyses, ma_gr_measure provides analyses of individual minerals, and probe_measure provides chemical analyses by electron microprobe. Chemical and petrographic analyses of individual grains are related in the database through grain component ID, an integer value unique for each intergrown mineral component of each grain. Definition of the grain component ID allows a detailed exploration of relations between chemistry, size, and texture among individual grains.

Database table ma_clast_measure describes individual clasts, each identified by a clast_id. Linking the clast_id and clast_code to table ma_gr_measure allows separate petrographic and size analysis for minerals and other components within each clast or group of clasts.


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