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The primary goal of this database is to provide, in readily accessible relational form, an important part of the data available to construct accurate three-dimensional geologic, geochemical, and geophysical models at site-specific or regional scales anywhere within the southwestern Nevada volcanic field (SWNVF). The present version of this petrographic, geochemical, and geophysical (PGG) database has added geophysical data to the original version (Warren et al., 2000a, for full citation see reference list within online users manual). The database now largely represents the original GEODES database (Winterkamp et al., 1985) in relational form, but also includes petrographic and geochemical data, and age dates, all which support assignments of stratigraphic units, lithologies, and rock alteration within drill holes. Other data necessary for construction of accurate models, such as regional geologic maps and regional geophysical surveys, can be obtained online from other agencies, such as the U.S. Geological Survey.

Another major goal of this database is to document and define important petrographic and geochemical characteristics for stratigraphic units and for rock alteration. Petrographic analysis provides most powerfully effective data for such rock properties, but analytical accuracy is always an unspoken issue. This database provides unprecedented quality assurance to address analytical accuracy of mineralogical data from confirming or revising microprobe analyses. The database provides these quality assured petrographic data linked with supporting mineralogical data, and with other types of chemical or mineralogical analyses from other splits from the same sample. These relationally linked data provide a unique body of information that can, properly studied, advance the science of petrography.

Available geologic and geochemical information has not been completely added to the database; a large number of available geophysical logs have not been added, and some laboratory data originally contained within GEODES has not yet been added. We plan to continue the addition of such data, and to slightly expand the type of information within the PGG database. We encourage users to suggest improvements and to point out published sources of information that could be added.


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