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This database has been assembled primarily due to the efforts of workers described in Appendix A. During the 20 years that the senior author has continued to generate, collect, analyze, and apply the information presented in this database, many other collaborators have contributed substantially to the evolving form and content of the work. Among those are Scott A. Minor, Mark R. Hudson, and James C. Cole of the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver, who contributed their specialties to help unravel the great puzzle of the stratigraphic framework of the SWNVF, and David E. Broxton of LANL, whose contributions include a major influence on the new detailed petrographic methods described in this work. David A. Mann and his staff prepared most of the polished thin sections used for detailed petrographic analyses. The imposing task of digitizing locations for the database was led by Keith Roberson of IT Corporation, who digitized about half the locations within the database, and Tom E. Garrison of LANL, who plotted these points for quality assurance analysis. George H. Juniel II, Brian M. Allen, and Sigmund L. Drellack, Jr., all currently or formerly of Bechtel Nevada, provided information essential for additions to the original database. David T. Vaniman of LANL provided extensive unpublished data for the location and analysis of basalt samples, and Robert J. Fleck of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park provided many unpublished age dates. Jeffrey L. Wagoner of LLNL provided an electronic database that was used to generate geologic intervals for a majority of drill holes within western Pahute Mesa. Emily Kluk, under the supervison of Rick Warren, performed many of the previously unpublished XRF chemical analyses. The major portion of unpublished petrographic and chemical analyses contained within the database was supported by Jack House, directing the Containment Program at Los Alamos, and by Paul P. Orkild, directing the Containment Research Group of the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver. Without the strong and continued support of these two project managers, this database would not exist. During the past seven years, the final production stage of this database has been supported solely by the Stockpile Stewardship Program of the DOE and Nuclear Weapons Archiving Program of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. In these programs, the management support of Wendee M. Brunish of Los Alamos and Stephen H. Leedom and Richard Navarro of the DOE, Nevada Operations Office has provided the critical support to complete this product. Anthony T. Garcia produced all graphics for this report, which was assembled by Paula Geisik.

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